Portugal has been a surprisingly beautiful country. The people here are truly wonderful, everyone has been friendly and hospitable, and the food is actually not bad either! I arrived in Porto from Gerona, Spain, the flight from Gerona was a bad experience, they charged me 35 euro to check my bag because it was too large, and then I had to carry it on anyway, 35 euro for nothing.

We got to Porto and then to the hostel I picked, it was a really good hostel so clean and with good staff, breakfast, etc. I also met Aline’s friend Luiza, who is a really nice girl, she always has a smile and is friendly so everyone loves her and responds kindly to her when she speaks. Its been very easy to travel with them and I enjoyed Porto very much, although the hills have been very difficult after living in Holland for so long!

After Porto we went to Coimbra, the third largest city in Portugal and famous for its university. The city had a lot of character and I took a lot of random pictures here, which will be uploaded soon (I hope). After Coimbra we set off for Lisbon, the capital, where I proceeded to get motion sickness on the train due to the winding and up & down topography of Portugal. Our hostel here is really nice, the highest rated one in Lisbon, in a great area. There is only one problem, its full of weirdos! I will extrapolate on this experience in a later post dedicated to making fun of student travelers, “random” humor, awkward conversation, and small talk.

Goodbye for now my dear readers.


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